From breathtaking landscapes to cheeky monkeys roaming its national parks, Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for adventure-seekers. It’s no surprise that this richly biodiverse place is recognized as the happiest country on Earth. Locals greet you with warm smiles and expressions of “pura vida,” meaning “pure life.” The Costa Rican terrain that inspires to live life to its fullest is loved by locals, tourists, and Arabica beans alike.

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Costa Rica started planting coffee in the late 1700s, making it the first Central American country to have an established coffee industry. The mountainous regions, temperate climate, and farmers’ commitment to the growing process have created an oasis for the production of high-grade coffee.

What differentiates Costa Rica from other coffee-growing countries is the use of micro mills, which paved the way for honey processing: a hybrid of a washed and pulped-natural process. Honey processing is unique from mill to mill, producing variations of specialty coffees.

Photo Credit: Cafe Imports

Costa Rica La Falda Honey

The Don Sabino Micromill is a father-son project that pays close attention to detail when producing Costa Rica La Falda Honey. After the coffee cherries are depulped, they’re spread on raised beds and covered with tarps for two days. The beans are then exposed to the air and sun, while being rotated to speed up the fermentation process. The result is a uniquely special coffee with a gentle, sweet floral taste. This cup is truly one of a kind.

In the highlands of Matagalpa and Jintotega, coffee production is booming – most of the coffee is processed using the traditional washed method and is then dried on farmers’ patios.

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