Photo Credit: Carlos Zacapa

The meaning of the country’s name, “depths”, was given by Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage over the deep waters at the mouth of the Tinto O Negro River off the Mosquito Coast. This beautiful land is home to indigineous peoples, including the Lenka and Miskito peoples.

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden

One thing Hondurans can’t live without is music! The sounds of salsa and cumbia are booming in homes, bars and on the streets. Walking through the Bay Islands will greet you with classic Caribbean tunes, calypso and reggae, the order of the day. Let’s not forget the Copán Ruins, one of the most spectacular cities of the ancient Mayan civilization. While exploring the ruins lying in Honduras’ lush valleys, you’ll come across beautiful stone temples, hieroglyphs, stelae, and even wild animals like the guacamayas, sloths, macaws and monkeys.

Photo Credit: Donal Caliz

The Honduras Copán Ruinas comes from the Duke Family’s “San Isidro” farm where women play an essential role in producing specialty coffee. They are passionately devoted to collecting the beans, checking for quality and selecting the beans for coffee exportation.

In your cup, the Honduras Copán Ruinas delivers a pleasant acidity with coated sweetness and tasting notes of honeydew, almond and chocolate.

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