Photo Credit: Ian Macharia

Since the beginning of human history, Kenya has been inhabited by diverse groups of people. The first to occupy the land were tribal hunter gatherers, followed by the farming civilization from the Horn of Africa and the agriculturalists from Sudan.

Today, Kenya is one of the most artistic and community-oriented cultures around the world. Kenyans’ creativity is found in the nation’s literature, theater, music, dance and visual arts. “Harambee,” the Bantu word meaning “to pull together,” reflects the importance of unity within the country.

Photo Credit: Anthony Trivet

“Kichwa Tembo” directly translates to “elephant head” in Swahili, one of the two official languages in Kenya. The name of the cup symbolizes the strength that goes into creating this one of a kind specialty.

Kichwa Tembo coffee offers a tropically sweet profile, complemented with a creamy body and balanced with a tangy acidity. The finish is a smooth mouthfeel with lingering chocolate, lemon and almond flavor notes.

Photo Credit: Git Stephen Gitau

In partnership with Wildlife Works Elephant Protection Trust, Kenya is committed to securing a future for elephants – one that protects their habitats that are threatened by human-wildlife conflict. The mission is to build an ecosystem where elephants and all wild animals can live in peace with their human counterparts.

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Header Photo Credit: Harvey Sapir