The age old question… pre-ground or whole bean coffee?

The best way to enjoy the full flavor notes, aromas, and overall taste of your morning cup is to grind your whole beans minutes before you brew via your selected method. The flavor is much stronger, and the subtle tastes of the specific bean are more noticeable.

Why is this the case?

The seed to cup journey of coffee isn’t the only factor that affects the freshness or flavor you taste in your morning cup. The aging process starts to take effect once the beans are roasted. The taste of the bean comes from the oils inside, and this oil can evaporate and/or go stale. Keeping the bean whole contains more of the oil inside the bean, but once it is ground the oils are released rapidly since the surface area is spread out over hundreds of grounds versus a single bean.

By grinding your own beans you also have complete control over the coarseness of the grind. Different brewing methods work best with different kinds of coarseness, so it’s best to not limit yourself to one option with pre-ground coffee. Check out our post about different brewing methods and grind tips if you want to learn more about brewing the perfect cup every time!

So why aren’t you grinding your own beans? A few common concerns about grinding beans fresh include the extra effort it takes to grind coffee beans, the cleaning of the grinder itself, and perhaps lack of space/desire for another kitchen appliance.

Wandercup is proud to offer a slim, dishwasher safe manual burr grinder that won’t take up any space and is extremely easy to clean. Check it out here!

The bottom line is that between whole bean and pre-ground coffee, the things to consider are freshness, control, and convenience. We’re here to help you transition to a morning routine that’s guaranteed to provide you with coffee you love, brewed to perfection!

Sonam & Dan