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Grind by WANDERCUP was designed for those of us who want to extract every exquisite flavor from the world's premium coffees.  Born from the need for a reliably consistent grind for all brews while being sleek, quiet, and incredibly easy to use.  

  • Built-in adjustable grind control ensures you have 100% precision for the coarseness of your Drip, Pour Over, Espresso, French Press, Chemex, AeroPress, Turkish, Percolator, Herb, or Spice grind.
  • No batteries or power needed to operate your grinder, so you can enjoy your favorite coffees on any adventures around the world.
  • Easy-to-use hand crank mechanism is ultra quiet.  Don't worry about waking your loved ones, distracting your coworkers, or scaring your pets.
  • Professional grade ceramic conical burrs last longer than stainless steel blades while maintaining consistent grind size.