Perfect coffee is a beautiful blend of science and art. Select from our hand curated coffees and specially designed brewing gear to get the most from your coffee adventures.


Grown deep in the mountains of Guatemala. Taste some of the most delicious coffee that Central America has to offer. We promise you’ll fall in love with the bright and fruity flavor notes in this cup!

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Discover the birthplace of coffee. There’s a reason Ethiopian coffee is our favorite in the world! Steeped in a rich history of tradition and culture, taste beautiful flavors you can’t resist!

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Celebrate the bean that defines a country. Renowned in the world for its quality and taste, Colombian coffee brings you a rich, mildly fruity and chocolatey flavor that does not disappoint!

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The highest grade of coffee available from Sumatra. Indonesian coffee is known for its strong and robust flavors, and the earthy notes and aromas will keep you coming back for more!

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A sampler box featuring our four favorite coffee selections from around the world. Take a sensory journey to Ethiopia, Indonesia, Colombia, and Guatemala. The perfect gift for coffee lovers and adventurers!

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Any coffee connoisseur has a hard time resisting Peruvian coffee. This delicious single-origin blend is thoughtfully grown and cultivated by some of the most knowledgeable farmers in the world. You won’t be able to get enough of the tangy sweetness that lingers in every cup!

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Don’t let Rwanda slip your mind any longer. A sip of this speciality coffee invokes the traditional songs and dances that are deeply ingrained in Rwandan culture. A rousing taste of the colorful history in this cup will leave you wanting more.

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It goes without saying that there is passion behind Brazilian coffee, which is deemed as one of the best in the world. Known for its wide-range of single origins, Brazil’s coffee brings you an intense sweetness with floral, caramel, and hazelnut notes.

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Exploring the bright flavors of Nicaraguan coffee is pure bliss. There is more to this special origin’s rituals than just great coffee. Taste the do-good philosophy in Nicaragua’s beans–ones that deliver a bright acidity, accompanied with a crisp, fruity snap.

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Experience “pura vida” (meaning: pure life) through a special bean with a gentle, sweet floral taste. This single-origin bean is a customer favorite and it’s easy to see why! This coffee transports you to a happier place.

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From the country whose name means “depths,” experience a cup with a pleasant acidity, coated sweetness, and tasting notes of honeydew, almond and chocolate. Experience a cup as sacred as the land from which it originates.

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“Kichwa Tembo,” which directly translates to “elephant head” brings you a tropically sweet profile complimented with a creamy body and tangy acidity. The finish is a smooth mouthfeel with lingering chocolate, lemon and almond flavor notes.

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From a family-owned farm with a commitment to direct and sustainable practices, savor a cup of Chiapas El Triunfo, which evokes a sweet citric sensation with a medium body, cocoa flavor, and nutty aftertaste.

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SIP Campfire Mug

Designed for the coffee lover who yearns for adventure.

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GRIND Coffee Grinder

The ideal tool to bring out the best flavors in your coffee.

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