The Wandercup team stands united in celebrating women in coffee. We want to use our platform to empower women within our communities and women everywhere. To start, we’d like to illuminate the realities of women who work in the coffee industry.

The face behind the world’s coffee business is female.

Women provide up to 70% of labor in coffee production in different regions of the world. Coffee plays a crucial part in the economies of the tropics as it provides a means of living for up to 25 million rural households. But, in comparison to male-operated farms, female farm operators have fewer resources such as land, credit, and education, contributing to the gender gap that disenfranchises and economically disadvantages women.

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Gender inequalities in coffee-producing countries stem from differences in exercising freedoms that hinder women’s abilities to sustain their livelihoods. Such freedoms include exercising agency over control of resources, transportation, protection from violence, and decision making within the home and public sphere.

Despite women’s heavy involvement in the coffee farms, including laborious work like planting, pruning, picking, and harvesting, they go unpaid or unrecognized.

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On our search for delicious coffee, we are committed to uplifting the women who devote their time to creating something special for coffee lovers everywhere.

We value creating the relationships we have with women farmers because we not only learn a great deal about their experiences, but we also play a part in supporting them financially to uplift their communities.

Wandercup’s mission is more than just sharing the world’s best coffee, it’s also about having the privilege of working with strong women who teach us, share stories and turn our dreams into a reality. As a newly founded company, we are proud to honor the talented women who comprise roughly 75% of our staff and partners (pictured below): Sonam Kline (Founder/CEO), Ariane de Bonvoisin (Business Coach), Carly Pritchard (Operations Manager), Moriah Johnston (Roaster), Kali Oriole (Social Media/Marketing Intern), and Cindy Mizaku (Social Media/Marketing Intern). We stand in solidarity with all women and choose to empower, inspire, and support each other every day.

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Photo Credit: Café Imports